Christine Armstrong

Family Law Specialist


Christine Armstrong Profile

Recognised by fellow professionals for her effectiveness and strategic insight. Christine is one of the leading advocates in family law and a relationship property expert. 

Christine was appointed the North Shore New Zealand Family Law Section Regional Representative in 2005 and is the North Shore Family Court Liaison Officer.

Christine established North Shore Legal Chambers in 2005. A chambers specialising and consisting of family law experts. Christine completed her degree at Otago University in 1987 and was admitted to the Bar in 1988. Since that time Christine worked in general practice specialising in family law and commenced practice as a Barrister sole in 2002 exclusively in family law.

Christine is senior Lawyer for Child and has worked extensively in the Family Court representing children. She is an accredited LEADR qualified mediator who accepts regular appointments from the Family Court as Lawyer to Assist the Court to convene mediations. Christine is a collaboratively trained lawyer within New Zealand having completed that training in 2010.

Christine has worked extensively in the following areas:-

  1. Care of Children Act matters – parenting/care arrangements, relocation and other guardianship disputes.
  2. Relationship Property – property division, de facto relationships, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.
  3. Spousal maintenance.
  4. Paternity.
  5. Adoption matters, including overseas adoptions.
  6. Domestic Violence matters including Protection, Occupation and Furniture Orders.
  7. Proceedings under the Children, Young Persons & Their Families Act 1989. 


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